Connor Brooks

Hello, my name is Connor and this is my website. I just made this website and plan to use it to show projects that I’ve done and ones that I am currently working on. I hope its not too hard to navigate!

About me

I’m just a regular college dude that used to swim and now works on computers/cars. I usually spend any free time I get working on my various projects when Im not at school or working on homework. Click on the about me link and it’ll take you to a page that’s a little more detailed.


I like to work on cars and computers in my free time and have developed a bit of knack for it. The cars I work on most often are either 90’s Japanese sports cars or 60’s American muscle cars. The computers I use most often are either a linux based SBC called a Raspberry Pi or a mac. To take a closer look at some of my current or past projects, click on the ‘projects’ button below.

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